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2018 trays, we have updated the range and now taking orders: Order now for 2018.

Growing Calendar

This will be updated shortly.
If you want to download a guide to all the trays available this year please follow the links below:

The Delivery Calendar shows all delivery dates for this year give their week number so it is handy for that. It does make the planting planner smaller, download both and print the one which is most useful for you.

We may tweak this further but it is pretty close to the final version, we always get varieties which may change, no seed, poor germination but we would let you know if there was an issue.

Delivery calendar list 2016

Delivery calendar list 2017

Deliveries for the tray shop are organised in weeks, if you want a variety to be planted in particular week, order from that week and that is when the plants will arrived at yours. We calculate when they need to be sown to achieve that delivery window.

Below are monthly calendars showing when a planned dispatch date is going to occur against week number. To order from that week, just click on its' number in the left hand column or select from the top menu.

Jump to the month you want using the list below

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