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Cauliflower ~ Fortaleza (Week 09)

Cauliflower ~ Fortaleza (Week 09)

Fortaleza is known for its reliable grow days and ability to produce a high quality face-pack product. Growers can rely on Fortaleza for a stable crop performance in fluctuating circumstances. It is a main season variety, maturing in 75 to 80 days, with solid, smooth curds and excellent curd cover

The heavy solid florets make this variety suitable for both the fresh market and the processing industry. With its condensed maturity and excellent shape, Fortaleza is a great addition to cauliflower portfolio.

They are grown in non-returnable trays containing 144 cells, from which you can expect a minimum of 130 usable organic plug plants per tray.

Please note the sowing cut off for these plants will be Thursday of week number 41, until this date you can order as many trays as you wish. However, after sowing, the number of the trays available will be limited and stock may run out.

Multi tray price : 17.00

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