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2024 growing season

Ordering online is the best way to reserve the plants you want. We are happy to help and advise on the telephone, however, there will be an administration fee if you choose to place a telephone order rather than ordering online.

Please note: all varieties are subject to change.

Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland & the Channel Islands

We are very sorry but we can no longer supply customers in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands.

Since the UK has left the EU we are not permitted to send plants in peat-free compost.

If you do place an order this WILL NOT be delivered. As soon as we notice an order from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands has been received the payment will be refunded. It may not be until the despatch week however that this is picked up so please do not try and trick the system!

What makes us different?

In a word - service - from choice of variety through to delivery and after. We are an innovative company, constantly conducting trials on new techniques. We have grown some very unusual species over the years and have gathered a broad range of technical information and 'know-how'. We work closely with our customers, sometimes under strict confidentiality agreements.

We are an organic and conventional plants producer for horticultural industry supplying growers, city farms, smallholders, allotment associations and gardeners alike. We have over 30 years in the plant raising and produce up to 40 million plants a year including glasshouse crops (tomatoes, etc.), leeks, onions, celery, brassicas, salads and herbs. These can be blocks, modules, plugs or pots. We grow almost anything from seed.