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Order now for 2024.

Ordering outside of England

If you would like a delivery of plants and do not live in England please read this page first

Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept orders from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

1) Please look at the map below to see where your post code fits.

2) If you are in zones A or B you may continue with your order (if you were brought to this page from the checkout then put 'no' in the box at checkout and continue.

3) If you are in any other zones then you must only order and pay for one delivery week at a time. We can only make our surcharges apply once per order, so to avoid increasing the costs for everyone ordering outside of England we politely ask that you follow these rules.

4) If you fall into a surcharge zone and haven't followed steps 1-3 then your order will be cancelled and refunded.