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Aubergine ~ Black Pearl F1 (Grafted) (Week 19)

Aubergine ~ Black Pearl F1 (Grafted) (Week 19)

The fruits set regularly throughout the growing season and the plant is well balanced with a very high overall production; less spiny than most; suitable for non-heated and plastic tunnels.

Grafted plants are resistant to most soil-borne diseases, a big advantage if you are growing plants from the Solanaceae family in the same soil every year - aubergine, chillis, sweet peppers and tomatoes share several diseases.
Grafted plants have more vigour and give higher yields throughout the year, especially at the end of the crop.

These plants will be flat packed to protect them from damage. Plants that are flat packed will not count towards a multitray discount.

They are grown in non-returnable trays containing 144 cells, from which you can expect a minimum of 20 usable organic plug plants per tray.

Please note the sowing cut off for these plants will be Wednesday of week number 12, until this date you can order as many trays as you wish. However, after sowing, the number of the trays available will be limited and stock may run out.

Minimum multi tray price: 1.00